The Strong Man Has Been Kidnapped

Where is The Strong Man?

Why is the world suffering so much? It appears things are getting worse instead of better. Our inability to cope has reached monumental proportions. Could the missing strong man be the key culprit?

Indeed, the strong man has been kidnapped and removed from his house. With no one home, the enemy has freely come in and robbed us blind.

Of what has he robbed us?

He has robbed us of our personal power!

How has the strong man been kidnapped?

The “strong man” (Christ) has been taken out of his house (YOU are the house of God) and placed in a literal heaven “up there” where we cannot reach him. It is because we have known neither who nor what Christ is that this has been done. Thus, the strong man is no longer at home. The strong man has gone on a long journey. Unfortunately, the strong man is your power, and so with him gone, so is your personal power. This is the major problem facing humanity. You want to lose weight, stop an addiction, begin a program, accomplish some great thing, etc., and you find that you have no power to do so because your “husband” (YOU are the bride, Christ is the bridegroom) is not at home. The strong man has left the building.  He has been bound, gagged and hijacked.

strong man

The Bible, however, makes the truth plain.

Well if that is the case, then what is the problem?

The principal problem is that we have been conditioned to believe a lie. Even though the truth is far different than anything we have previously been taught, we cannot hear that truth because of the strength of what we have been taught and its resulting conditioning. We are, in most cases, afraid to believe anything else. The highly intoxicating wine of ignorance and deception has made us drunk with illusions of grandeur.

So what is the truth?

It is that God and Christ are powers that reside WITHIN YOU, NOT somewhere in a literal heaven far above planet earth — somewhere OUTSIDE of you. By placing the strong man “way out there,” we place him where we cannot reach him. Whenever you are searching for something, you simply won’t find it where it is not. If the strong man is IN YOU, then you won’t find him outside of you.

Thus, we have no personal power to help us with our problems.

So have you looked inside of yourself for Christ?

We need to bring the strong man back into the strong man’s house. This is the ONLY way we are going to be able to solve our problems and issues.

strong man2

For more of an understanding of who or what God and Christ are, please view my video here (you’ll have to scroll down for the actual video). You will want to listen very intently because it provides an in-depth study that you probably won’t understand by just a superficial review.

Remember, scripture says it is Christ IN YOU that is the hope of glory. YOU are the temple of God, YOU are the house of God, YOU are the church of God.

YOU are the creation of the Bible. You are being created in the image and likeness of God. Once that creation is completed, then God will rest.

It’s all about YOU.

* * * * *
Once again this is Paul Young saying, flee from the crowd and dwell with the Christ within you. Christ IN YOU, your hope of glory.